Prior to enrolling in Doggie DayCare, an Enrollment Form and a Personality Evaluation must be completed.  All dogs must be up to date on their Rabies, Distemper, Parvo and Bortatella (Kennel Cough) vaccinations.

*Kennel cough is a highly contagious airborne infection similar to the common cold that kids can pick up while at human day care. No vaccine is 100% effective as new strains of Kennel Cough continually develop and some dogs can be more susceptible to the infection than others. Piper's Playhouse takes all possible precautions to eliminate the possible spread of this infection in our facilities. We follow a rigorous cleaning schedule. In addition to requiring a current Bordatella vaccination we highly recommend that owners get this vaccination two weeks prior to their first boarding or day care visit. The vaccine can take up to two weeks to become fully effective. There is also some current debate about how long the various vaccines will protect your dog. Ask your veterinarian for more information and make sure they know when your dog will be staying with us.

The Doggie DayCare Enrollment Form provides us with the necessary information about your contact information, pet's medical history, etc. to ensure the dog is in good health and does not have any current behavior issues that might be potentially harmful to our other clients or employees. This form also includes the Rules and Regulations as well as the Client Agreement for Piper's Playhouse.

Personality Evaluations are given to assess the current social ability of the dog and to determine if there are any aggressive tendancies present that would pose a potential risk for the staff or other pets in our care.

Doggie DayCare Packages:
     10 Day Pre-Paid Package          $170 ($17 per day)
     10 Day Pre-Paid (Add. Dog*)     $130 ($13 per day)
     30 Day Pre-Paid Package          $480 ($16 per day)
     30 Day Pre-Paid (Add. Dog*)     $420 ($12 per day)

Doggie DayCare & Overnight Packages:
     Boarding 10 Night Package                  $250 ($25 per night)
     Boarding 10 Night (Add. Dog*)             $210 ($21 per night)
     Boarding 20 Night Package                  $480 ($24 per night) 
     Boarding 20 Night (Add. Dog*)             $400 ($20 per night)
     Boarding 30 Night Package                  $690 ($13 per night)
     Boarding 30 Night (Add. Dog*)             $570 ($19 per night)

Packages are non-refundable, but they never expire.

*Additional dog in the same family
**Not available with any other discount