Doggie DayCare

Does your dog have a sad face as you close the door and head off to work? Why not try Piper's Playhouse and replace that sad face with one of tail-wagging excitement?

Dogs left at home alone during the day may experience seperation anxiety or display undesirable behaviors such as chewing or excessive barking. These can occur when your dog lacks sufficient exercise and socialization. Piper's Playhouse Doggie Daycare is your answer!

Drop your dog off at Piper's Playhouse and they'll spend the day socializing, interacting with our well-trained staff and burning off energy. At the end of the day you will pick-up a happy and delightfully tired pup. 
Dogs exercise in a safe and supervised environment. We strive to make your pets stay with us the happiest it can be. Each dog owner will see the benefit to their pet starting on from the first day they pick them up after daycare in the form of a calm, relaxed and well-socialized dog.

Who can play?
Dogs of all ages and sizes are invited to play as long as their vaccinations are current. This way we can ensure the safest possible environment for all of our 4-legged customers.  

New Prices Effective 1 September 2018
  $6 for half day (5 hours or less)
              $12 for whole day (6-12 hours)
              Package pricing is available

We offer full service grooming at Piper's Playhouse.

You can call and make a reservation for your pet to get a full service grooming (bath with soothing oatmeal shampoo and conditioner, nail trim/grind, ear cleaning and a hair cut/style).

Or you can request a bath or nail trim at the end of a long day of play at Doggie DayCare or at the end of a pet-vacation here at Piper's Playhouse.

Please call for prices.

Overnight Visits
Our overnight visits are available 365 days a year.

Prices: $25 per night (inlcudes daycare price)
             Suites: $35-50 per night (depending on size of suite)
*Late fees may apply depending on the time you pick-up your dog