Doggie DayCare is where your dog can come and exercise, play with friends, and hang out during the day! They will wrestle, play fetch, tug of war, lounge around, take naps...and all with several other dogs of similar size and temperament. The dog pack will be constantly supervised and we will ensure the play areas are always clean and that they always have fresh water available to them.

Our facility is 100% indoors and climate controlled. The state of the art air-purification system, drainage system in the facility, and constant cleaning schedule keeps the play-rooms sanitary and smelling good. 

We have three seperate indoor play-rooms for daycare.

PLAYROOM #1: Larger and more energetic dogs are in this room. Their days consist of a lot of supervised rough-housing and frolicking. 

PLAYROOM #2: This room is for the mid-sized dogs or calmer large breeds. They wrestle a little bit, but they do more napping and cuddling. 

PLAYROOM #3: This room is for the small dogs. They have more toys and beds to enjoy...and of course the large window to watch the happenings of Noble Street. We have noticed that some of the dogs have even learned to slide down the slide!

BOARDING PLAYROOM: Those dogs that are in boarding and do not get along with other animals also have a place to play!

If you still aren't sure if Doggie Daycare is for you, please come by for a visit! You can also bring your dog in for 1/2 day just to try it out! And if you are still unsure about how much fun Doggie Daycare is...check out the happy faces of some of our satisfied customers!