I live in a small town, and was limited on options for boarding my pets.
I was searching the web for places within driving distance of my home.
I came across Pipers Playhouse.  So, I thought I would stop by one day to check out the place.
On my first surprise visit, I luckily found Sara, (the owner) at the place.  She was so nice and accommodating.  The place was very clean and smelled great to have so many furry friends.
On my second surprise visit, (yes I was cautious), again I found Sara there, with all the “babies”.  And once again, the place was very clean and smelled great, and all the babies seemed to be so happy.
I was sold on the place, but still was nervous about leaving my 2 babies.  (rescue dogs, more on that later)
Within a couple of weeks, we had a trip planned so I thought it was time to give them a try.  
(until now someone had stayed at my home to babysit)
I also need to say that I did visit a couple of other places.
Those places were not an option.  I would stay home before I would leave them at one of those places.
I called and made reservations.  When we got there with all their “luggage, bedding, etc.” we were met by Sara and some of the great staff.  GoldWing and Harley couldn’t wait to get in and start playing.  I called several times to check on them, while we were out of town.
I was told everything was going great.  (yes, I was still skeptical)
When we picked them up, they had been bathed, smelled and looked great.  GoldWing (the sensitive one), came out to see me, I loved on her, and then she went back to her “room”.  SHE DIDN’T WANT TO LEAVE.
Harley is very rambunctious and nothing phases her.  GoldWing is very sensitive.  She is also very afraid of storms.  I don’t have to worry about this either.  I know for a fact, that one of Piper’s staff made a special trip one night, to check on her.  (the place had been closed for hours)
Since Pipers moved to their new location…things are even better.  GoldWing and Harley love it there.  I am so glad they don’t have to go outside in the weather.
Anything Pipers can do to make their stay more comfortable they do it…..If GoldWing has any issues, they are seen to immediately.

Sara and all of the staff are great.  I would not leave my babies anywhere else.
On the rescue dogs……Every dog/cat that I have had the pleasure of owning, have been rescue babies.  I have picked them up on side of the road, rescued them from people that were not taking care of them properly, got cats out of trees, they have been dropped off in my yard,  etc…….the list goes on and on.  What Pipers does for unwanted “babies” is unreal.  I have never met a group of people that have more compassion for animals.  They make sure these unwanted babies are well taken care of and feel loved, until they find them a “furever home”.  They work so hard at finding homes for all of the rescue babies.
Does this sound like I am bragging on Pipers?  I AM.
-Kim and Wade Jenkins


Quinn found us almost exactly two years ago, when as a 6 week old, 3 1/2 lb puppy, he was crossing Quintard Avenue all by himself on a busy Sunday afternoon. It took him almost a day to work his way into our hearts for good. About a month later, our busy lives necessitated we find a day care for him. Piper’s was recommended to us but it was not easy leaving our very shy puppy with strangers.
But when I came to retrieve him at the end of the day, he didn’t want to leave! In fact, it became something of joke to “capture” him! It was a no brainer when we needed overnight care as well; we knew he was loved and treasured at Piper’s.
Even though the move to Noble Street was personally a little less convenient for us, there was never any question where Quinn would go during the day when needed.  It was the sheer joy of Quinn wanting to go to Piper’s in the morning which let us know how special of a place it truly is. The truth is we would bring Quinn in to Piper’s when it wasn’t needed because he enjoyed it so much and came home exhausted and content.
I am also proud that Quinn was a graduate of Piper’s first Puppy and then Intermediate training class (along with THE Piper).
Our recent move to Delaware has made Piper’s a tough commute for Quinn but fortunately, we have no need for day care anymore. Be assured, however, we would go far out of our way to let our Quinn visit his wonderful friends at Piper’s.
As if all that is not enough, Piper’s does wonderful work with rescue’s and even helped us find the heartsick owners of a tiny stray which showed up at our Anniston house.
If you have need for daycare, training, boarding or just want to give your pup a “spa and play” day, you will find no place as loving and caring as Piper’s.
Just ask Quinn.
-Al & Mary Edna Wuertenberger