Quinn found us almost exactly two years ago, when as a 6 week old, 3 1/2 lb puppy, he was crossing Quintard Avenue all by himself on a busy Sunday afternoon. It took him almost a day to work his way into our hearts for good. About a month later, our busy lives necessitated we find a day care for him. Piper’s was recommended to us but it was not easy leaving our very shy puppy with strangers.
But when I came to retrieve him at the end of the day, he didn’t want to leave! In fact, it became something of joke to “capture” him! It was a no brainer when we needed overnight care as well; we knew he was loved and treasured at Piper’s.
Even though the move to Noble Street was personally a little less convenient for us, there was never any question where Quinn would go during the day when needed.  It was the sheer joy of Quinn wanting to go to Piper’s in the morning which let us know how special of a place it truly is. The truth is we would bring Quinn in to Piper’s when it wasn’t needed because he enjoyed it so much and came home exhausted and content.
I am also proud that Quinn was a graduate of Piper’s first Puppy and then Intermediate training class (along with THE Piper).
Our recent move to Delaware has made Piper’s a tough commute for Quinn but fortunately, we have no need for day care anymore. Be assured, however, we would go far out of our way to let our Quinn visit his wonderful friends at Piper’s.
As if all that is not enough, Piper’s does wonderful work with rescue’s and even helped us find the heartsick owners of a tiny stray which showed up at our Anniston house.
If you have need for daycare, training, boarding or just want to give your pup a “spa and play” day, you will find no place as loving and caring as Piper’s.
Just ask Quinn.
-Al & Mary Edna Wuertenberger



My pup was an ultra-senior (19 years old) toy poodle, so my trust in caregiving was very very very picky when considering boarding or grooming. Ultimately, I trusted Piper’s Playhouse to board my pet over my family during any event I had to go out of town.

Senior pets require very high maintenance caregiving. The fact Piper’s support senior pups is huge because finding someone local to TRUST, give meds, and follow directions is extremely challenging. They kept my pet safe by following my doggie dementia bath time instructions as well as his very strict no jumping, no big steps policy. Once during his stay, my pet required medicine throughout the day and Piper’s made sure he got the correct amount needed and at the exact times he needed it!

Their boarding facilities are always clean and tidy. They have beds or you can bring yours from home. They have a variety of rooms available and they look like real rooms at someone’s house! Their prices are amazingly reasonable, but the peace of mind knowing my pet was safe and comfortable was priceless. You can pay daily or purchase packages if boarding is needed for more than a weekend.

I am very familiar with the staff (especially Shannon♥) and this helps with my trust in this location. I still love seeing their daily puppy posts on Facebook and they always gave me a thorough update when I would call to check on Snugs, even when I called multiple times a day!

I highly recommend Piper’s Playhouse!

I was a very happy customer and plan to use them in the future with another fur baby.

Holly Hurst (Oxford, AL)