Does your dog have a sad face as you close the door and head off to work? Why not try Piper's Playhouse and replace that sad face with one of tail-wagging excitement?

Dogs left at home alone during the day may experience seperation anxiety or display undesirable behaviors such as chewing or excessive barking. These can occur when your dog lacks sufficient exercise and socialization. Piper's Playhouse Doggie Daycare is your answer!

Drop your dog off at Piper's Playhouse and they'll spend the day socializing, interacting with our well-trained staff and burning off energy. At the end of the day you will pick-up a happy and delightfully tired pup. Dogs exercise in a safe and supervised environment. We strive to make your pets stay with us the happiest it can be. Each dog owner will see the benefit to their pet starting on from the first day they pick them up after daycare in the form of a calm, relaxed and well-socialized dog.

The principle of Doggie Daycare is simple – provide a safe & healthy atmosphere with lots of interaction, both with other dogs & people. Dogs can participate in group play, hang out with humans, or just lounge around. The point is that they’re not at home alone. Doggie Daycare is an enjoyable & healthy option to crating or leaving your dog alone. Some clients bring their dogs to daycare 5-7 days a week, while others come only occasionally to give their dogs a special treat, a change of pace, or only on weekends while they run errands. Still others bring their “senior citizen” dogs because they need to go out frequently or require medication/supervision during the day.

As important as physical well-being, mental health is something that many dogs lack. Many families now have two income households, leaving the dog at home alone for hours. Many behavior problems occur when pet owners are away from home, including barking, whining, & destruction. This happens due to the dog's increased stress level when isolated. Dogs, by nature, are highly social animals. They form strong social bonds, which why we form such long-standing relationships with dogs. Regular play with other dogs builds your dog's confidence and improves their ability to communicate & interact. The more your dog interacts with other dogs, the better their social skills become. 

Doggie Daycare helps keep your dog active & healthy. Running, playing, & getting a good workout with friends is a fantastic way to keep pets in good physical condition. A healthier dog means a happier dog! All in all, Dog Daycare is good for your pet and for you. A happy, well-socialized dog is a joy to be around. Many owners comment on what a pleasure it is to pick up a relaxed, smiling tail-wagger at the end of the workday, rather than coming home to find 10 hours of pent-up canine energy awaiting them. Doggie Daycare is the win-win option!


All dogs can play provided their vaccinations are up to date.

An enrollment form can be completed upon arrival at or you can download one from our website and bring it in with you. This form will help us get to know you and your pet so we can ensure they will have the best experience possible when they come through our doors. Aggressive pets will not be allowed to stay and play. We do everything we can to keep all our customers safe and happy. 


Rabies, distemper, parvo and kennel cough (bortatella) are required to receive any of the services we offer.  We no longer accept breeder vaccinations and all pets must have proof of vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian upon arrival.  We can administer a nasal kennel cough vaccine for $12 and they are effective for one year.  All dogs above the age of 6 months must be spayed or neutered to be allowed in the day care rooms. If your pet isn’t no worries we have a special play room just for them where the staff will interact and give them play time and attention they all want and need.

New Prices Effective September 1, 2018
  $6 for half day (5 hours or less)
              $12 for whole day (6-12 hours)
              Package pricing is available